(Variegated Plectranthus)

Cheerful spreading ground cover, hanging baskets or indoor plant.

(Speckled Spurflower)

Formerly used to wash sheepskin garments.

(Large Spurflower Bush)

Lovely if mass planted at the back of a bed, traditional medicine.

(Forest Spurflower)

Rub the stems on a windowsill to repel flies, showy if mass planted.

(Pink Fly Bush)

Mass plant under trees, cut back after flowering.

Very attractive.

(Lobster Flower)

Purify the air of pollution.

(Silver-Leaved Spurflower)

A most attractive plant for mass planting and in hanging baskets.

(Stoep Jacaranda)

Mass plant for effect, plant indoors where it will receive afternoon sunlight.

(Gossip or Money Plant)

Mass plant in moist shade for effect.

(Zulu Spurflower)

Very pretty mauve, lovely in pots in the shade.