(Prickly Aloe)

Produces 1m rosette of leaves.

(Common or Graskop Aloe)

Natural habitat destroyed by pine forests.

(Krantz Aloe)

Leaf sap for burns, medicinal.

(Tree Aloe)

Largest of all the Aloes, is an ideal form plant, semi-shade and makes a good container plant.

(Coopers Aloe)

Grassland specie, beautiful in the garden.

(Coral Aloe)

Popular garden plant.

(Shade or Dyers Aloe)

Thrives in shade with tall red inflorescence.

(Bitter Aloe)

Single-stemmed. Beautiful orange-red flowers. Healing sap. Exported for medicine trade.

(Fosters Aloe)

Beautiful show if mass planted.


Beautiful bluish leaves and striking flowers.

(Aloe Davyana)

Leaf sap used to heal burns, beautiful mass planted.

(Mountain Aloe)

Striking single stem, roots produce dye, children suck nectar from the flowers.

(Mudens Aloe)

Occurs in Northern Natal.

(Tilt-Head or Spanish Aloe)

Leaves produce pink dye, stunning in flower.

(Coral Aloe)

Distinctive coral coloured stripe down the edges of the leaves.

(Dune Aloe)

Beautiful, single-stemmed.


Used medicinally for curing sores on fingers. According to old superstitions, if someone transplanted one of these aloes and it dies, that person will die too. Porcupines dig them out of the ground in great numbers.

(Modest Aloe)

Highveld specie occurring in grasslands.

Medicinal uses, roots used as yellow dye to colour baskets.