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Attracting bats to your garden


The greatest benefits of having resident bats is that they are insect eaters and will keep your garden free of insect pests. They are wonderful seed dispersers and their excrement is an organic fertilizer. Bats are protected and there are about 36 species that live in our gardens. They are attracted to flowers that open at night and are fragrant, like the Barringtonia racemorsa, Kigelia africana and  Adansonia digitata.


Don’t use any harmful pesticides or insecticides in your garden

Build a pond in your garden


Create a garden for bees

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Creating a Garden for Bees

Plant a variety of plants that flower throughout the year.

Bees like flowers that are blue, yellow, violet and purple.

Bees are attracted to fragrant flowers.

Avoid the use of pesticides.



Acacia karroo - Sweet Thorn

Acacia mellifera - Black Thorn

Apodytes dimidiate – White Pear

Berchemia zeheri – Red Ivory



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